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Billions of stories are about to be told

Welcome to StoryBrancher

Every person, place and thing lives out a life of its own before leaving behind a legacy of memories or secrets. We have created a platform to give these legends a voice.

Imagine an encyclopedia that didn't demand fame or notoriety in its subjects.Where everyone and everything was entitled to a biography and a place in the public record.

There are 7 billion people on the earth. How many memories could be shared?

How much history could be preserved?

Humble Beginnings

StoryBrancher was founded in 2014 as a way to tell the stories of regular people and places. We found there was no publication or repository that would record the factual account for the lives of friends, family and ancestors unless they were credited as 'famous' or 'influential' by historians.

Preserving the historical record is important- it allows us to reflect on our past, honor new and distant legacies, and keep in touch with our roots.StoryBrancher has made this possible for everyone, everywhere with an online encyclopedia that is open and editable to all.

The founder

Jeremy Cantrell is the founder of StoryBrancher, and you can learn about his journey by heading over to his StoryBrancher page here.

Our inspiration

The turning point for StoryBrancher was the passing of Jeremy's grandfather in 2004.Online encyclopedias such as Wikipedia would only allow articles to be published for the celebrities or people who were deemed 'notable' to the public - a criterion that seemingly couldn't be challenged.There was no means to publish his grandfather's biography, no way to share the story of his life with future generations.

This became the inspiration for StoryBrancher. To celebrate the life of a cherished family member, we created a place where legacies are immortalized and everyone is welcome.

To create history, we need to share it.

Learn the past

StoryBrancher can hold millions of biographies and stories.To contribute a story you only have to look as far as our homepage here.

In the 'Branches' section at the bottom of each article, registered users can post individual stories and perspectives relating to the subject of the article.In combination with the neutral, matter-of-fact biographies found in the article, individual branches submitted by those who knew the subject best can help ensure a fuller story is shared.

Preserve a legacy

Site members may create and edit StoryBrancher articles at will.A simple user interface guides members through the process of entering new details and uploading photos.History never stops being written, and we allow our members unlimited access to amend biographies as new details and facts come to light.

Media assets

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Media contacts

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