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Sleeved Blanket

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Sleeved Blanket
Original Blue Fleece Snuggie
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Created 1997

Sleeved Blankets are blankets designed with sleeves to allow the wearer to use their hands without removing the blanket. They gained popularity in the late 2000s with the introduction of The Snuggie in 2008. The first sleeved blanket, the Slanket, was created in 1997 by Gary Clegg

History of the Sleeved Blanket

The Slanket, 1997

The first sleeved blanket, the Slanket, was created by Gary Clegg in 1997 when trying to come up with a way to change channels on his television with his remote without removing the blanket he was wearing. Initially, he came up with a design with simple holes cut through the blanket material but eventually added sleeves, which is the design most widely used currently. [1]

The Snuggie, 2008

The Snuggie, created by Allstar Products Group, was introduced for sale via infomercial in the fall of 2008. With its huge advertising budget and awkward television spots, the product became a popular culture phenomenon and commercial success with sales eclipsing 30 million units by 2012. [2]

The Deluxe Fleece Blanket, 2015

The Deluxe Fleece Blanket was released by KC Caps in 2015 and currently sells on the website of Internet retailer Amazon where it holds 4.5 out of 5 stars. It is 53 by 71 inches in dimension and has sleeves with 29 inches in length.

Sleeved Blanket Comparison

The Slanket $34.99 60"x80" Gary Clegg
The Snuggie $30 53"x71" Allstar Products Group
Deluxe Fleece Blanket $29.99 53"x71" KC Caps


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